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  • What is psychotherapy counselling?

    Psychotherapy Counselling is an effort to provide counselling to people where they can share their problems in a trusted environment and seek advice from a trained psychologist. You also get to read interesting and informative articles and have discussions about everyday life issues and psychology. You can also post your views on the site.

  • What kinds of problems can I talk to a counselor about?

    There is no right and wrong question or no hard and fast rules about what you can talk to a counselor about. You can talk about anything that is troubling you or anything you want to know about. However most of the frequently asked questions or problems faced are regarding relationship difficulties: family and friends, colleagues, commitment, jealousy, abuse or family issues: partners, children, parenting, separation and divorce, homesickness lack of confidence, worried about failing, never being good enough, feelings of being lonely ,unloved, judged,  depressed, isolated, empty, tearful, sad, angry, inadequacy, bereavement, harming oneself, abusive relationships, exam and study stress: lack of control, panic attacks ,binge eating and alcoholism

  • Do I need to have a serious psychological problem to visit the counselor?

    No not necessarily. Counseling can help solve any of your problems .Consulting a counselor does not mean that you are in a state of mental illness. In fact most healthy mentally strong people need a counselor at one or the other point of time in their lives. Counselors normally help you find your own solutions and talk and encouraging you to see the silver lining behind the dark clouds. Counselors can however recognize and efficiently detect the symptoms of severe mental distress, and may suggest you consider medical help if this is appropriate.

  • Is talking to a friend better than counseling?

    Many of the reasons that make counseling effective also apply to talking with friends. Counselors are professionally trained to help others. They have the expertise and the knowhow of dealing with upsetting and difficult situations. Many times the counselor suggests using the social support network and talking to a friend or a confidant.

    A talk with a friend may well be helpful but there are drawbacks to talking to a friend. And Friends may begin to feel overburdened and resentful, especially if they have their own problem. There could also be a conflict of loyalty and risk of social exposure. Sometimes you are awkward about sharing your secrets with friends.

    Finally you sometimes need more specialized help than a friend can provide.

  • How can I contribute?

    We encourage and welcome any contribution from people who visit our website, if you have had an experience that you feel you need to share with people or you have certain advice to render to people, you are welcome to contact us and we will ensure that it is posted on our website. In the meantime please feel free to use the forum on the website to participate in debates, discussions and sessions, live online!

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